Boston Strong

Moving to Boston a year ago has been a fantastic journey full of new experiences and challenges.  I truly feel like a Bostonian now in every way.  Opening the photography business  and transforming my life to live in this amazing city.  It makes my really sad to think about the tragedy of a year ago today at the Boston Marathon.  Having just moved we were stopping for a bite to eat and a beer of course, and a young man next to us got a call from a friend.  He was in disbelief about what he had been told and proceeded to share with the rest of us.  Quickly the bar was silent watching the TV's to see what was happening in our city just blocks away.  For me it sparked memories of being in Washington DC on 9-11 and only a few miles from the horror at the Pentagon that day.  

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon and my prayers go out to all the families affected that day.  We just listened to the Bells from the Churches in the North End, signifying a moment of silence and we are reminded we are all Boston Strong.