A beautiful, rainy day engagement session with Julie & Bhrunil

This was an amazing day....it's so funny the days that you think won't work out because of rain, end up being some of our favorite for both images and overall experience.  Julie grew up in Hull, where we did the engagement session and was excited to show us a natural bridge that opens up at low tide, allowing you to walk to one of the close by islands.  While we were walking, we even saw a live starfish, which Julie was convinced were never coming back!!!  :)  Julie and Bhrunil are the cutest couple and were determined to have fun and have their engagement shoot rain or shine!  For their engagement session they wanted two different looks, wanting to show Bhrunil's ethnic heritage with their Indian look first, wearing a traditional saree and sherwani and then changing into a look to show a sophisticated, romantic and unique second look.  Julie LOVES lace and wore a beautiful long sleeved lace dress to compliment Bhrunil's dapper suit.

  I still look back and laugh about our first meeting.  We first met them in our studio to discuss their wedding and asked if Bhrunil had an elaborate proposal, to which he said no.  Julie looked at him and laughed and went on to tell the story about how on Tuesday, January 14th of this year she went to the school auditorium to pick up her first grade class from music.  Bhrunil had coordinated with her principal, teacher friends, and her students to give her what she thought was a "birthday surprise".  It ended up being much more than that, he was using her birthday to cover up for his proposal!!!  I would say that is a pretty elaborate and amazing proposal!!!  Their love story started in 2011 while they were both working at Brigham & Women's Hospital here in Boston.  They are getting married this November 15th at the Renaissance Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island, where they will be blending both cultural traditions- Hindu and Jewish.  They have nicknamed the wedding, "our big HinJew Wedding" and can't wait to share the day with loved ones and most of all just to marry each other!  We can't wait to be a part of their day and document the love between them! 

On advice for other couples and their experience, Julie and Bhrunil had this to say:

"Have a cocktail!  Just be yourselves and remember that this is your shot to capture special moments between the two of you with two really amazing people who also want to see you at your best!  Don't be nervous, feel comfortable taking your time, enjoy it!"

"We had an absolute blast!  Honestly, our day was chilly and damp- but we were so excited for the shoot that we didn't want to reschedule, as we had been looking forward to it for so long!  We were so happy despite the weather, and spending time with Christian and Melissa is like hanging out with old friends.  Both are an instant smile and believe us, it is an experience you will treasure!"

Thank you so much for those kind words guys!  We definitely have some large shoes to fill for upcoming shoots now!  :)  Congrats again and we hope you enjoy our little sneak peeks of a beautifully rainy day!