Aimee and Jeff's New Year's Wedding at the Omni Parker Boston

Happy New Year!

We had the pleasure of sharing the first day of 2017 with Aimee, Jeff and many of their friends and family.  Their beautiful winter wedding at the Omni Parker House was not only gorgeous but just really fun!  Here is a sneak peek along with our video we shared at the reception last night.  In addition a few words about our couple and their story!

Thank you guys for the opportunity to spend an amazing day with you!


Tell us the proposal story~

We were away on a family vacation in Bar Harbor, Maine. I had never been, but Jeff had grown up visiting Bar Harbor. His Aunt Sally and Uncle Peter owned a hotel there so Jeff and his family went up frequently for family vacations. It was the second to last day of the trip, September 3rd (Free Tom Brady Day) and we went for a hike with my son, James, our dog, Captain America, and my dad. It was a long day of activities and we were starving. Jeff insisted, which he rarely does, that we go to Jordan's Pond House for a late lunch. Jeff and my dad parked the car together, while James and I went to put our name in for a table.

Come to find out - Jeff was actually asking my dad for his permission to propose to me! We all sat down and ordered lunch and then my dad took James for a walk around the pond. Jeff, who never wants to take pictures, asked the waitress if she would take ours...and she actually said NO! She said she was too busy and I was laughing at Jeff because he NEVER asks to have our picture taken and the one time he does, the waitress said no! Jeff quickly grabbed my hand and brought me out to the lawn in front of the pond and asked a couple sitting by the lawn to take our picture - I was giving him a hard time because we were all sweaty and gross from the hike and then all of the sudden he was down on one knee in front of the whole restaurant! I could not believe it and I kept saying really!?! really!?!?

Jeff had to finally say -- can you say yes already! So I did and everyone started clapping. It was perfect. My dad and James came back from their walk and we shared the news with James, who was as excited as I was. Older women at the restaurant kept coming over to the look at the ring and congratulate us. We went out that night to celebrate just the two of us, but as luck would have it, Jeff had a fantasy football draft. So I listen to live music and drank champagne, while Jeff did his draft at the restaurant and the rest is history in the making :)

What details are you most excited about for your wedding? EX. cake, vendors, location, etc.
A. We are most excited about sharing the day with our family and friends. Jeff and I both come from huge families with tons of aunts, uncles and cousins. We can't wait to celebrate with all of our favorite people under one roof.

Make-Up: Virginia Franklin

Hair Salon:

Dress:  Designer is Watters


Bridesmaid Dresses: jim hjelm by hayley paige

Tuxes/Suits: Vera Wang

Shoes: Kate Spade

Jewelry: Kate Spade (earrings), Tiffanys ( ring and bracelet)

Flowers: Winstons (decorated by Hotel) and Flowers by Darlene


Coordintors: Alison Rose


Food: Omni Park House, Boston, 60 School Street

Alchohol: Omni Park House, Boston, 60 School Street

Lodging: Omni Park House, Boston, 60 School Street

Cake: Omni Parker House – Boston Crème Pie

Décor: Winstons (decorated by Hotel) and Flowers by Darlene