Alexa and Alex's Downtown Boston Engagement Shoot

First off....I have to apologize to Alexa and Alex for dragging them all over the city on this session!  Poor Alex, hadn't even eaten all day and he hung in there without complaining once!!!!  It probably had to do with his gorgeous fiancee distracting him!!!  We had so much fun shooting with them, starting at the Waterfront by Christopher Columbus Park before heading back to the studio for an outfit change.  Alexa lived in the North End previously so we made some stops in the neighborhood before heading out the Financial District for some long exposure shots once it got dark.  They were so much fun the whole shoot and were up for anything!  This first shot has to be one of my favorites, it is such a true moment and the sun back lighting them just looks so romantic!!!!  I hope you guys like them as much as we do and have recovered from the marathon we took you on- Monday night!!!!