Arifa and Ashish's Beacon Hill Engagement Shoot-Boston Photography

We love new ideas for engagement shoots!  Many of our couples love the iconic Boston look of Beacon Hill and want to shoot there, so it's always a challenge for us to make each session unique to the couple.  Coming up with new poses, angles and ways to shoot can be difficult but Arifa and Ashish took some of that pressure off by having an idea of their own. 

Leading up to their session, we received an email about smoke bombs!!!!  Knowing how finicky Boston can be, we weren't sure if we could make it work without getting yelled at, but we were up for trying!  Christian was able to get this shot in an alley, the red smoke bomb picked up the coloring in Arifa's dress, brick and the trees perfectly!  I loved it! 

Enough about the shoot, I'm sure you want to hear more about our couple and their love story!

Arifa and Ashish started their love story after they met in dental school.  They are getting married this August in Edison, NJ.  However their proposal was a little different than your typical proposal story,  "Well, there was no official proposal. He approached my parents and when our folks agreed we decided to get married .... A very Indian tradition where we wait for our parents' approval.".

They wanted a dressier look for their session which I think they pulled off perfectly!  When we asked what advice they would give to other couples, here is what they had to say, "I am highly uncomfortable in front of a camera but keep calm and go with the flow.". 

Good advice!  We are there to help you along and try to make you forget we are there.  I know that sounds crazy and impossible, but just enjoy the time dedicated to each other and taking a break from the stresses of wedding planning!  And here is a little secret...there are very few people that feel comfortable in front of the camera, so you aren't alone!  Christian had a great time getting to know you both and shooting with you, enjoy the sneak peek!