From the North End of Boston to the Jupiter Lighthouse in Florida-Kristina & Erico

We love the North End for many reasons, but one is the amazing people that live there.  Every morning you have the same familiar faces as you walk to your favorite coffee shop to start your day with the best cappuccino.  Similarly, you see the same people as they come and go, going about their daily lives.  This is how we met Kristina and Erico on Fleet Street.  Kristina would walk by our studio, checking out whatever images were displayed in our window, and one day she opened the door.  She had gotten engaged!  She now had a reason to stop in and introduce herself!  Fast forward to our meeting with her and her fiancee, Erico, we were planning to do an engagement session to capture all of the things and places they loved in Boston.  Luckily, we were able to not only shoot their engagement session, but also travel to Florida to capture their amazing day yesterday!  We are thrilled to introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. is their day captured in their day of event slideshow!!!