Minhae & Danny- A Sunset and a Sunrise Session-Boston Engagement Photography

There are two times of day that photographers love to shoot, often called the "golden hours" to explain the beautiful glow during these times.  Most often the sunset hour is the time couples and photographers tend to gravitate towards for obvious reasons...convenience, beauty and just the general sense of feeling awake!  Sunrise is equally as beautiful though and has the added benefit of the city just waking up, not quite into the hustle and bustle of people starting their day.

Minhae and Danny originally planned to have a sunset shoot around their Brookline neighborhood as well as a gorgeous park near by.  While we were shooting away, we started to lose light fast and had to make a determination....was what we had enough or were they game for an early morning sunrise shoot to get more!  Luckily, they were excited about the idea of shooting again and a plus for them...they would already be dressed and ready to go to work after!  It is amazing to see the city so quiet and beautiful with the soft early morning light.  I mean how often can you get a shot on the bridge of the Public Gardens without a million people in the background, often staring directly into your lens!?!?!?  I love the two distinct different looks we got and had a blast shooting and creating for their sneak peek!  We hope you enjoy!