Manasi & Shivang walking Cambridge

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this e-session, but as always Christian killed it without my help!  Manasi and Shivang were adorable and I love the pop of color both in their outfits and their choice of location!  On top of an amazing session I missed out on roof deck wine at sunset....what was I thinking missing this one!?!?!?!?  After getting their questionnaire back, I don't feel that I can do their story justice, so here it is, in their words....

It all started back in Fall of 2010. New in Boston, looking for friends (read cute girls), Shivang took up a friend's invite to a farewell party. After being his socially awkward self for a couple hours, he was introduced to Mansi by the CMO (Chief Match-making Officer) of Boston, Lakshmi, with whom he instantly hit it off. They spent the rest of the night getting to know each other and the connection between them pulled both out of their comfort zones - Shivang mustered the courage to ask a girl out at a bar, and Mansi embraced the opportunity to further get to know a fascinating, dashing, handsome guy A.K.A Shivang (okay, I guess it's obvious who's writing this). They exchanged numbers, pleasantries and plans to meet again soon. After a week of back and forth, they finally decided to meet for dinner. Planning took over cancer research that day as he wanted a second date. His buddy Dhiren helped him take care of business. Mansi, on the other hand, was nervously fending off her annoying friend's (Pratik and Sanju) attempts to freak her out - "ohh, he's gonna come in a suit..and bring flowers and all" - while getting tips from her girlfriend Purva.

Anyway, a 2-hour wishful workout, a quick shower and a 5-hour energy shot later, he picked her up (no flowers, no suit) and off they went to a cute little place in Cambridge called Ten Tables (Mansi's future nickname amongst Shivang's friends). The conversation picked up where they last left off: hours went by talking about interests - and many common ones (thankfully). They talked about their love for food, travel, Boston, music, sports, family and the list goes on and on, until they were the last ones at the place and the staff was scornfully waiting for them to get the hell out.


Surely, there would be a second date soon! And that's exactly what happened. After the first date, no time was wasted and a second date was scheduled just 2.5 years later! There was a lot to catch up on, and the lost connection was promptly rekindled, this time more intense, more sustained. Things were finally starting to get real, and this time they both knew and expressed it. They made up for lost time and began an exciting phase of dating. They loved each other and made no secret of it. They did things they loved - taking long walks, going to movies, trying new Boston restaurants, eating a lot of ice cream, and watching A LOT of soccer (of course rooting for Arsenal). And that's how Shivang knew it - Mansi was the one!

The rest is history....Shivang then announced his intentions to the family, had the ring made and was off to India to have the conversation with Manasi's father.  He took Manasi to a roofdeck restaurant in Mumbai and popped the question!  She of course said yes!!!  Here are a few from the session, hope you enjoy!