William and Milli

I love this story and feel like I can't quite do it justice in my words.  When William first emailed us with his and Milli's story we were so touched by their international love story!  Here it is in his words...

"I met my fiancé while we both were living in the UK. She is originally from Finland and I Boston. We met a year ago and soon realized we knew what we had found was something more than just temporary thing. She came to visit me at the end of last October and stayed for three months just after Thanksgiving we were engaged! And went on a 21 day coast to coast road trip and back. We saw all of the amazing natural beauty this country has to offer and had the adventure of a lifetime. Right after that we went to the Dominican Republic for 14 days to volunteer as interpreter for a nursing group that goes down there from University of Southern Maine."

Not only were they able to find each other in a country neither of them were from, they also put love first, taking time to see where their relationship was going.  Obviously, it paid off!!!!!  William and Milli are such amazing people not only together but in the selfless work, volunteering together.  We are inspired by them in so many ways!  I love the sweet, intimate shots we were able to capture showing that love!  Here are a few of our favorites!