North End Family Shoot-Boston Family Photography

Brian, Maria and their two handsome boys, Will and Henry have just moved to our beloved North End and wanted to capture this exciting time by having some family photos in their new neighborhood!  They made the move to the city after living in the suburbs and are looking forward to new adventures with the exciting change of lifestyle! 

On a normal day in the Sergenian household you can find them watching their favorite Wisconsin sports teams play, going out to one of the many restaurants in the North End, and playing tennis or working out together.  In their new surroundings they are most excited about entertaining on their new roof deck, the boys being able to eat at the many bakeries and hang out with all the other kids in the area and playing sports.  We were so happy to welcome this beautiful family to the neighborhood and enjoyed spending the afternoon taking pictures in their new element! 

Some words of wisdom they had in preparing for a family shoot was, "Give yourself enough time for each person to get ready so that you all feel good about your appearance.  Have outfits ready ahead of time so that you aren't scrambling at the last minute to look cohesive. (as we were)."  Great advice, and it all came together beautifully!!!!!  :)