Cori And Justin's Beacon Hill Engagement Session-Boston Wedding Photographer

It still amazes me after living in Boston just over two years now, how much not only the weather, but also the scenery can change.  One moment, icy and bare and the next, new blooms peeking out of the ground struggling to find those few moments of sunshine.  When we did Cori and Justin's engagement session we were right on the brink.  The sunshine trying to warm up the city but the wind fighting it at every chance.  We started shooting in Beacon Hill just before sunset so we could capture the soft light that is so beautiful to shoot in.  Unfortunately, for our couple that meant rushing through traffic after work to just be thrown into a mix of demands...."stand like this, how about a kiss, lift your chin.."!!!!  What a way to end a work day!  Thank you guys for bearing with us and jumping right in!  You were both so great and although it was a little chilly, you couldn't tell from the smiles, laughter and love we were able to catch in the shots!  Here are a few sneak peeks, we hope you enjoy!