Jordan & Justin's Wedding Day- Boston Wedding Photography

This has to have been the most unique encounter/booking of a wedding to date!  While in the Seattle/Tacoma Airport waiting to come home from a wedding, we decided to kill some time at the Chili's bar since our flight had been delayed.  We tend to get chatty and an airport bar was no different.  A few bar stools down sat, Carey, also waiting for the same delayed flight.  She was in Seattle helping her soon to be daughter in law shop for wedding dresses and was heading back home.  Of course we thought that was so crazy...we were in Seattle for a wedding too!  We showed Carey our day of event slideshow from the trip and kept chatting, eventually swapping cards and info.  Fast forward to when we were back home and we came to meet with Carey and her daughter, Jen who was also planning a wedding for 2016.  Long story short....we are thrilled to be shooting Jen's wedding next year but also had the opportunity to shoot her brother, Justin's wedding last weekend!  Originally, they were planning on just a laid back day and weren't sure they would have photography at all but everything fell together so seamlessly and we were blessed to be a part of their day!   Justin and Jordan live in Washington state now, so we didn't get a chance to meet them before the day.  At first we were a little worried, but they definitely have some amazing family who took the time to answer all of our questions about timeline and details and by the end....we felt like we already knew them!  By the time we showed up on the day of the wedding, it was so easy and they were honestly the sweetest couple ever!  Justin's mom and sister had schemed with us to surprise the couple with a day of event slideshow of their own and the look on their faces was priceless!  We were so happy to be able to spend the day with all of their friends and family and it still cracks us up how it came full circle....starting conversation with a day of event slideshow and showing them one of their own!!!  Congrats Justin and Jordan, and thank you for sharing your day with us!  Below are a few pics from the day and their day of event slideshow!