A fun winter engagement shoot in the Public Gardens with Enne & Wole

I had  a great time with Enne and Wole, shooting their engagement session out in the snow and ice of the Public Gardens.  The pond is completly frozen allowing for a few different looks for our engagement photography. 

Here is a little about this wonderful couple from Enne.

"We met at a mutual friend's engagement dinner in Atlanta. I went to visit my friend and he was on a road trip but stopped by for the dinner. Turns out we lived about five minutes walking from each other."

"Wole bought the ring two years ago as he says but I always insisted he had to ask my dad first. We went to Nigeria in April 2014 and he got the blessing to propose. I started waiting for the ring but it never came. He got a job and had to relocate in July so my friends insisted he should propose before leaving but he didn't. Around this time, my cousins planned a girl's getaway trip but I had to reschedule twice because I had many wedding invitations to attend for the summer. In August, Wole had plans to come to Boston the second and fourth weekend and my girl's weekend was the third weekend. He came the second weekend and I didn't expect him back for two weeks. So we went to New Hampshire and visited Franconia Notch State Park for the girl's trip but halfway through the hike at a bridge over the waterfalls I saw Wole standing there. I just started crying, even though I knew the ring was coming I didn't expect all the planning and big surprise. I don't remember what he said but it felt like forever before he put the ring on my finger. Because I love the outdoors, he had planned it for months and actually went there the weekend before to plan where he would hide to wait. Turns out my proposal was delayed because I kept postponing the girls' trip."

I love hearing so many great stories from our couples, and being able to share in making images to capture their love!

Here is a sneak peek from our shoot in the Public Gardens.