Janet & Huy's Wedding day in Boston-Chinese/Vietnamese Wedding Photography

This has been an amazing summer of truly incredible weddings.  Janet and Huy may be one of our most interesting, fun and beautiful so far.  A fascinating mixture of cultures.  As wedding photographers we get to experience all types of weddings and be witness to so many different ways couples express their love.  We are truly blessed...

A little about our time with Janet and Huy.  We met them over a year ago.  They came into our studio and explained their day and how it would be different than our typical wedding.  They would be having Tea ceremonies with both of their families as well as games and tasks the groom and groomsmen would have to perform before Huy could get to his bride.  Then out into Boston for some pictures followed by a ten course meal at Hei La Moon in Chinatown, Boston.  We were not only intrigued, but so excited to be able to capture this day!

Long before the wedding, we had a really fun engagement session in Newport, RI were Huy had proposed, however we almost didn't make it.  Hours before our shoot,  Melissa and I were sitting in the ER waiting for Melissa's foot to be x-rayed from a spill she took the night before.  Mel had decided to dance down some stairs and wound up tumbling instead.  Fun times!  But we made it happen and made some exciting images. 

So fast forward to the wedding day...  These are some select images we put together for Janet and Huy on their wedding day.  Sorry it took us so long to get this up on the blog!  Hope you enjoy. 

Christian and Melissa