Boudoir Boutique By Melissa- Contest Winner!- Boston Boudoir Photographer

You may remember a little while back when I posted for a FREE Boudoir Experience.  Naturally when you think of boudoir, we generally hear one of two responses.  One is...."What's Boudoir, exactly?" and second is "Oh are you doing it as a wedding gift?".  Although, why I started shooting boudoir was for a different reason....not that I am against thinking of boudoir because you want to do it for a loved one, because I know in the end that it will end up being for the woman as well.  The reason I started shooting boudoir is because I believe that every woman, at any age, any size or any stage in her life should feel sexy, confidence and empowered. 

That is exactly why I ran a contest.  I wanted to give one woman the opportunity to shoot and feel that empowerment at no cost to her.  And so, my post began....Tell me why you want to do a boudoir session.  Have you hit a goal, a milestone, gotten through a tough time?  Give me your story!

And boy, did the submissions start rolling in!  I received all kinds of emails with reasons on why they wanted to do a session, and although I think every woman DESERVES a boudoir session for herself, this time, there could only be one winner of a full experience.  What is a full experience you ask?  As I've explained before, a full experience is one where you can treat yourself to a full pampering shooting experience along with product.  Hair, makeup, location, lingerie guide...the works!  On top of that, the full collection of images, beauty edited favorites and a beautiful box full of matted favorite images!  There was one woman that not only deserved this experience, but so much more!  When I read her story I cried, filled with emotion...this woman got it!  She understood the mission I was after!  Even now, as I type this blog post, I get chills.  Everything happens for a reason and this woman saw my post, sent her email, and I read it because she was the one that truly needed this session as much as I needed to shoot her!  When we sat down the first time to meet and to give her all of the details, I remember how overwhelmed she was as I rattled off what I was giving her.  Even then, I knew she was exactly the person that should've won.  She was so excited and words can't express how overwhelmed we both were with mutual gratitude and happiness!  Well, I guess I've said enough about my side of the story....let's hear it from Lisa!  And enjoy a little sneak into some of the images from her session! 

Q. Why did you want to do a boudoir photo session?

A. Turning 50 is a huge milestone in any woman's life There are so many negatives associated with turning 50 - especially for women. I wanted to make sure this milestone year was spent celebrating me in a positive way and in a way I've never been comfortable with before. I've always had body image issues. What better way to finally lay those issues to rest than a boudoir photo session?

What attracted you to Boudoir Boutique?

I've seen several photos taken by Christian Pleva Images and found that they had a knack for really capturing their subject's personalities. Classic photos with a modern edge. Once I met Melissa, I knew I was in good hands.

How did you prepare for your boudoir photo shoot?

Melissa helped me prepare by sending me ideas about what to bring and suggestions about where to look for pieces to be photographed in. I found things I knew I would feel good in. I also took a few chances and put one foot outside my comfort zone. I followed Melissa's advice and drank lots of water in the days before and got plenty of rest. Mentally I just made sure I was in an open frame of mind.

Who are your boudoir photos for?

My boudoir photos are for me. They are proof that 50 is not the end but the beginning. That I am not perfect and I'm good with that. When I'm old and grey I will look back at these photos and smile.

Tell us about your boudoir experience!

I was nervous when I arrived. But as time went on something changed in me. During hair and makeup I felt like I used to feel as a kid getting dressed for Easter! That feeling of putting on a dress you loved and waited so long to wear. That feeling of finally sliding your feet into those pretty patent leather shoes you've stared at for a month. My first round of pictures I felt stiff and awkward. But as Melissa talked and joked and instructed I got more and more comfortable. I started to relax and enjoy the experience. And, when Melissa says you're going to be sore the next day - believe her! You use muscles you never knew you had holding some of those poses :)

How do you feel about your boudoir photos?

I'm overwhelmed with my photos. They are beautiful and classic. More than I hoped for.

Do you have an back story that led you to your boudoir experience?

Yes there is always a backstory. I was married for over 20 years and am recently separated. Shortly after separating I turned 50 and for the first time in my life I found the nerve to start doing things for me - not as a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a girlfriend, a wife, a mother - just as me.

Why should other women do a boudoir photography session for themselves?

There is something freeing about a boudoir session. Not many of us can truly find beauty in our flaws. This is a step in that direction.


Lisa, once again you have inspired me!!!  Reading your words, just reaffirmed that you really were the perfect woman for what I was looking for in this contest.  Thank you again for trusting in me and being open to me showing you the beautiful, confident and commanding woman I saw through my lens!  And I can't forget the always amazing work of Nelse Karini, makeup extraordinaire!  Your work and professionalism never disappoints!