Chealyn & John

When Chealyn had originally contacted us, she mentioned that her and her husband would like some pictures together with their boat.  John, her husband loves getting up early, when all of us are still tucked cozily in bed, to make the hour drive from Cambridge, where they live, to where his boat is waiting for him.  It's his way to relax and get away from all the day to day stresses, in hopes of catching the tuna that has seemed to escape him so far this year. 

We were of course ecstatic to be able to work in such a beautiful environment and try to capture the obvious love this couple has for each other and the boat that they enjoy going out on together.  Soon they will be off for their new venture, leaving the state of Massachusetts, where they have called home since college, and starting out new back in New York, where they both were from.  We wish you all the luck and hope these images were able to capture your lives and love here in Boston, so that you can look back and remember all the wonderful times you had here!