Chelsea Engagement Photography with Emily & Chris

I had an incredible time with Emily and Chris shooting their engagement session over in Chelsea. A little overcast light plus this couple and their dog made for a really fun and beautiful session. Plus so much fun! Here are a few sneak peeks and some words from the couple about their story!

Boston Engagement Photography Emily-3.jpg

How did you two meet?

Emily and I met through the online dating service Match. She and I had jobs that engulfed our lives and we were not meeting any people outside of our respective work circles. I reached out to her and we arranged to meet at a restaurant in South Boston. We had dinner on our first date and spoke with each other and stayed at our table for so long, the waitor was getting annoyed we had not left yet.

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Boston Engagement Photography Emily-5.jpg

Tell us the proposal story~

Emily and I went for a hike with our Australian Shepherd, Keeley, one Sunday afternoon in late June. We stopped for a moment and looked out at the scenery. Before moving on, I pulled the ring from our hiking backpack and walked up behind Emily. I hugged her from behind and with my arms wrapped around her, I presented her with the ring. Emily was very surprised and was not expecting the proposal at all. Emily was speechless for a few moments and then said yes.

Boston Engagement Photography Emily-6.jpg

Do you have any tips or advice for couples getting ready for their session?

Don't over think it. If you're not comfortable and everything is not natural, you will be stressed and the pictures will suck.

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How was your overall session experience?

Amazing! Christian cracked jokes and talked with us about anything and everything, so the whole session was very enjoyable. Christian was also great at posing us and making our pictures not suck ;-) Thanks Christian! Maximum effort!

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