Darren and Joevrose and the rainy day in New York

We had an incredible time in New York City with Darren and Joevrose for their official engagement photography.  We hit some amazing spots from Dumbo in Brooklyn to Midtown NYC. 

I had the pleasure of being there in Boston to capture Darren's proposal, so it was incredible for Melissa and I to spend the day shooting all around the City with this amazing couple.  I can't wait for thier wedding this year!  Here are some sneak peeks from the shoot as well as a few words from the couple about their story!


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How did you two meet?

Darren and I met through a mutual friend. He met his best friend, Sebastian, growing up in New York City playing High School Football. I later met Sebastian during college. Darren and Sebastian continued to play football in college, but now instead of playing with each other, they were playing against each other.

Despite the collegiate rivalry, Darren and Sebastian stayed in touch, visiting each other at the end of football season and throughout the year. During one of those visits Sebastian introduced me to Darren - a genuinely nice, thoughtful, and caring person.

After that first meeting, we stayed in touch. Messaging each other back-and-forth through Facebook Messenger, the original dating app circa 2008. Darren made it clear that he was interested in dating, but I wasn’t quite sure I wanted date, so I politely declined his offer. As resilient as he is, he didn’t take no for an answer, staying in touch while we both studied abroad and all through Senior year of college.

I guess he finally got the message, as we lost touch after graduating college. I would check in with Sebastian from time to time, and would ask about Darren. Sebastian knew what I was asking and told me Darren was “off the market”. The news made me sad, but it would be unreasonable to think he would be waiting for me to make up my mind.

About a year later, life looked a lot different, Darren was “back on the market” - thankfully. He and Sebastian were coaching a youth football program in New York City. Me and my best friend, Yaritza, were planning a separate trip to New York City and while in town Sebastian invited us to watch one of the games. Knowing that Darren would be with Sebastian on the sidelines made me extremely nervous and I almost cancelled on watching the game. Yaritza, being the voice of reason thought the game would be a good way to reconnect and maybe could lead to things in the future.

How right she was - going to New York was PERFECT. Things went better than I could have expected. After the game, we talked for a while, exchanged numbers and have been together ever since.

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Tell us the proposal story~

Our entire relationship has been long distance. Those in similar situations understand how precious and sometimes rare time together can be. We often try to carve out large chunks of time to see each other for vacations or sometimes even “staycations”. So in July, Darren asked me to take the week off leading up to the Fourth of July. I wouldn’t have thought anything of it, except we were staying in Boston, my hometown and he was planning the entire trip.

I suspiciously agreed to his plan. During the activities-filled week, we really enjoyed each other’s time. On the day of the proposal, Darren wanted to plan a picnic on the lawn of the Boston Public Garden. Unfortunately, the morning was rainy and I put a fork in his plans as I didn’t want to risk the chance of getting wet.

The New York v. Boston rivalry has always been at the center our relationship including me trying to convince him to move to Boston. So when Darren suggested we spend time in downtown Boston so he could get to learn more about the city, I immediately agreed. In that moment, the sun seemed be trying to make an appearance so we packed our rain jackets and set off to explore downtown.

After walking aimlessly for about 2 hours, the experience was a lot less exciting than I had hoped for. Frustrated, I asked what we were doing and Darren calmly reminded me that we were enjoying each other's company. We continued to walk to the Boston Public Garden where we sat near the edge of the water and talked for a while.

When we were getting ready to leave, we stood up and Darren took me by the hands - professing his love and admiration for me. At first I didn’t think anything of it until he took the plunge! He got on one knee and from that point the reality of the entire week set in.

To my surprise, Christian, our amazing photographer, was across the water and was able to capture this magical moment. Darren surprised me with dinner and a bouquet of beautiful red roses at Grill 123, where we had our first date. But the surprises didn't end there, the next morning he brought me to brunch where all our friends were waiting to celebrate with us. Then on the following day, his entire family came in from NY and both of our families were able to enjoy a beautiful day celebrating together in Boston. My heart was full and the love we felt was endless, it was truly the best weekend of our lives.

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What details are you most excited about for your wedding?

We are most excited about our ceremony being at the top of the mountain and having all of our guests enjoy a scenic ride to the top.

Where are you getting married?  Sugarbush Resort, Warren, Vermont

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What look were you going for in your engagement session?

We chose NY because we had already taken proposal pictures in Boston and both cities have meant so much to the both of us throughout our relationship.

We had a bunch of outfits planned, but in the end we both ended up wearing the outfits that we had picked out for each other while shopping the night before the shoot.

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How was your overall session experience?

Darren and I are planning our wedding, 800 miles away from each other, in the midst of a full time job, law school and graduate school applications. Needless to say, things are pretty stressful. Christian and Melissa are really flexible and completely down to earth and really helped us stay calm and enjoy the moment, even though things didn’t go as planned.