Darren and Joevrose's Vermont Wedding-Sugarbush Resort

I can't believe how incredible today's wedding was.  Although we have shot weddings in Vermont before, we could not be prepared for the outstanding wedding venue that Sugarbush Resort offered.  The mountains that surrounded Darren and Joevrose as they read their personal vows to each were breathtaking, but the vows weren't the only thing that made this wedding personal.  From the bride's cousin as their officiant, to family prayers, songs and readings... and how could I forget the procession!!!  The bridal party...all 12 of them along with the bride processed in by ski lift!  I have to say that was a first for us to see and so fun!


Having a relationship with our clients and getting to know them through the booking and planning process is so important to us.  It really makes us all connected when we finally get to this magical day.  Not only are we so excited to see and capture the day but the couple is equally as excited to see us when we show up! 


This was no exception, we were actually first introduced to Darren before they were even an engaged couple!  He had reached out to Christian to see if shooting his proposal to Joevrose in Boston was a possibility! 


Fast forward to post proposal and on to their engagement session.  Usually we would have our clients pick a place that was in the Boston area and important to them, well their important place just happened to be in New York!  At the time they were engaged long distance and Joevrose had to schedule several trips to visit Darren in New York so it was a perfect spot to shoot their engagement!  Any time we can shoot in a different city, we jump at the chance of shooting new surroundings, colors, architecture, etc.  We started our New York engagement shoot with brunch and then we were off!  I love their session so much and in the mean time we were able to just hang out a lot of the day too, getting to know them even more!  For a look back at their session, check out the link here


But enough about what lead them here and back to their wedding!  As they are dancing out on the dance floor right now with all of their friends and family I am just reminded of the personal stories of love that were shared on their mountaintop today.  I know that today was everything they ever hoped and dreamed of and we couldn't be happier for them both!  I can't wait for the smores and fireworks to top it all off and send them off in wedded bliss with a bang!  Congrats to you both and your families!  And keep scrolling to see the rest of their day with their same day slideshow we just finished showing!