Engagement photography in the Back Bay of Boston

Meet our next adorable couple....Abi and Luke!  We are so blessed with the cutest couples, aren't we? 

Abi and Luke have always enjoyed strolling around the Public Gardens and watching the ducks and swans around the park. "We were looking to show our love in a classic and timeless way, while also including the city of Boston. Our relationship has centered around Boston in many ways over the past nearly 6 years we have been dating, and although our wedding isn't taking place in Boston we thought it was important to acknowledge the role the city has had in our relationship by having our photos in a classic Bostonian location."

Back Bay engagement photogrophy
love in boston
Boston Wasington Monument engagement

How did this love story begin? 

"We met at a medical school social event at Lir, a cozy pub and restaurant on Bolyston Street. It was August 9th 2011, our second day of medical school and Abi's birthday. Luke noticed Abi there with her friends and quickly offered to buy her a celebratory birthday drink. Sparks started to fly on that night and we went on our first date 1 month later on September 10th. We have been dating ever since."

Tell us the good stuff, how did he propose?

"Luke proposed to Abi on August 16th 2016 on a beautiful moonlit night. Luke insisted he wanted it to be a surprise, though Abi knew it was coming -- she'd accidentally seen a picture on his cell phone just days before but she didn't say anything because she didn't want to spoil the surprise and postpone the proposal. They were standing on a bridge overlooking the water, when Luke told her, "Turn around. I have a surprise for you". Abi was so excited that she cried, "I don't want to turn around. Is it a ring? Is it a ring?" It wasn't until the ring was on her finger that she realized she hadn't even given him the chance to ask the words, "Will you marry me?" Ever since he did, it has been a whirlwind for us. We are so excited to celebrate our love this September!"


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We want to hear all about the wedding!

"We are excited to celebrate with our families and to have a huge party for all of our loved ones! We are looking forward to having 2 ceremonies to honor our individual cultural heritages coming together, including a traditional Christian ceremony and a Hindu ceremony with a classic flowered mandap. We are excited to have a gold colored theme to inspire the wedding reception, which will take place in a big ballroom with gold up-lighting. Abi is most excited to see Luke's reaction when he sees her in her white dress for the first time, as she walks down the aisle in the church. Luke is most excited for his first dance with Abi and to have a long night of dancing."

Where will this all take place?

"Parish of the Epiphany in Winchester MA and Westin Waltham Boston"

waiting for the kiss

Did you have fun on your session, give us the dirt...what did you really think about Christian?  :)

"It was great! We really enjoyed working with Christian and we feel like he brought out a photogenic and authentic side to our relationship in the time we were shooting with him."