Worcester Engagement Session with Jennifer and Shaun

Living and working in Boston, sometimes it's really nice to get out to other areas.  I had the pleasure to shoot an engagement session with Jennifer and Shaun near their home in Worcester.  Even in the rain, we had a blast in this beautiful park and made some wonderful images.  Here are a few sneaks and some words from the couple on their story.  Enjoy!

How did you two meet?

We worked in the same group at the same company. Jen waited patiently for me free, then I shaved my sadness beard and the rest is history!

boston wedding photographer-J&S engagement-7.jpg

Tell us the proposal story~

I had a plan - I had the day before Christmas eve off and would prepare this great dinner while Jen was at work...or so I thought. Jen ended up working from home that day so I had to improvise. After Jen went to bed, I took our Scrabble game and spelled out “Will You Marry Me” (luckily all the letters were there). The following morning, we made waffles with our heart-shaped waffle iron, and then I asked Jen if she wanted to play Scrabble. I was worried she would think this extremely suspicious, but she agreed. When she opened up the box the question was facing her. I struggled mightily to get the ring out of my sweatpants. I knew she would say "yes," but I was SO NERVOUS anyways.

Worcester Engagement Photography

What details are you most excited about for your wedding? EX. cake, vendors, location, etc.

We both love our venue, but I think we are most excited for our live band - Bear Fight. Also the food from Tastings Caterers, it is amazing.

Where are you getting married?   Tower Hill Botanic Garden

What look were you going for in your engagement session?

We go to Green Hill park in Worcester for picnics and love the outdoors in fall, so we wanted photos that would reflect the time we spend there. We chose Christian because we wanted more of an artistic touch vs. your average engagement photo.

Worcester Engagement Photography

Do you have any tips or advice for couples getting ready for their session?
Figure out what you want to wear well in advance so you can save yourself some stress.

Get ready to look at your betrothed - a lot. Like more than ever before.

Think of funny things you can say to each other to keep the mood light and to create genuine looks of happiness in your photos.

How was your overall session experience?

It was great! To be honest, I expected it to be awkward and it was not at all. Christian made us feel really comfortable and even though it was raining a bit we rolled with it and it went well.