Intimate Woburn Wedding with Kristina and Guy

The wedding season has finally begun after a long and dreary hibernation!  We couldn't have started with a more emotional wedding to kick off the season.  When we first met with Kristina and Guy for their photography consultation, we all hit it off immediately.  As we got to know them further, it was clear that these two were some of the most caring and amazing people we know!  That was solidified even further when they called us to let us know they had decided to change their wedding date.  Changing dates can always be a little nerve wracking, making sure it works for everyone involved and finger crossed that we haven't been booked for the new date!  We were luckily available, especially because this was no normal change of date situation.  They wanted to change their date because some of the most important people to them had failing health and they couldn't imagine their day without them.  I mean seriously, are these not the nicest, most thoughtful people ever!?!?!  Their new plan was to tailor their day back, move it up and have the memories they had always dreamed of for their day. 

The day finally came this past Saturday, and it started a bit earlier than most wedding days for us.  While Christian had done the timeline meeting with Kristina and Guy, Guy had mentioned he wasn't sure if his grandfather would be making it to the church.  After a long, crowd cry (Christian is a complete sap for those of you who haven't witnessed it yet) Christian had offered to kick the day off at Guy's grandfather's house before the getting ready shots.  So we did just that!  It was such a wonderful way to start off, and also the cutest display of love between his grandparents that we were able to capture!!! 


From there, we moved on to Kristina for getting ready shots and if you thought the water works were over, you were wrong!!  Kristina looked stunning and was so relaxed as she was having her make up done.  While she finished up, we moved on to shooting the details of the day.  Kristina had a great idea to include in these pictures, the framed photo of a dear aunt of hers that had passed.  Little did she know that her family had also included a locket on her bouquet of her as well as a grandfather.  There wasn't a dry eye in the room when she discovered it.  Once we all pulled ourselves together, it was time to get in her dream dress, reading her groom's card and then we were on our way to the church!


After a beautiful ceremony that was also with a long time friend, we had some family pictures at the church.  But, there was still someone missing.  We jumped in the car to make a special stop to Kristina's grandfather to include his as well.  The minute he saw this beautiful bride walk through the door, he was overwhelmed with emotion.  Every aspect of this day was so thoughtful.  That isn't even a strong enough word to describe how incredible it was and how meaningful the memories will always be to them.  It was even inspiring and eye opening as a witness to live each day to the fullest, always cherish those around you and never take anything or anyone for granted.  I'm in complete awe of this couple and how truly extraordinary they are.  Make sure you read below to learn their story, and watch their same day slideshow. Congratulations again to you both!


Tell us how you first met- who, what, when, where, why?  Give us the dirty details-

Kris - I started working with Guy's sister Sarah in the fall of 2013. We were infant teachers together. She had been telling me about her little brother for quite some time and how we would "hit it off". It wasn't until mid-June of 2014 when Guy dropped into visit Sarah at work that I would finally meet this mystery brother. I thought he was cute, so she dared me to ask him out on a date because "he liked forward girls".  I sent him a Facebook message asking him
out for drinks but it took him 3 days to reply because he didn't have a smart phone (and continued to not have one until this past fall! Lol!). Our first date was at Margarita's in Waltham, on the outdoor patio along the Charles River.  We have been inseparable ever since!

Guy – My meeting with Kristina was impromptu as I was bringing my sister Sarah an iced tea at her work. I got lost and went into the wrong classroom since Kristina’s and my sister’s classrooms were across the hall from one another. As I entered Kristina’s classroom by accident, I witnessed her coddling two babies in her arms while rocking another to sleep in a crib with her foot. Not only was I impressed by what I was seeing but I distinctly remember how beautiful Kris looked too. I don’t even remember saying any words but I remember my face feeling hot from embarrassment of potentially ruining nap time in her classroom. I apologized, exited the classroom, and went into my sister’s classroom. I thought about Kristina for the next three days and harassed my sister about her. Then I saw she messaged me on Facebook and was elated!

When did you know he/she was the one?

Kris - I knew Guy was "the one" after our third date. I met Guy at his house after work on July 2, 2014 (yep, I remember the date and everything!). We grabbed a bite to eat then went to go watch the fireworks in Medford. On the way home, it was starting to look gray and gross, but we pulled into an empty lot and talked on the grass for 2 hours watching the lightening and storm roll in. When I said the storm was right above us, Guy gave me a ton of flak for
being a chicken and we walked back to the car together. As soon as he opened the door to let me inside, it began to pour out! Guy went running to the driver's side and then held my hand. It was that night - the way it was so easy to converse with him, laughing at one another's dry sense of humor, watching a thunderstorm (my favorite!!) - when I knew I could be with him forever.
Guy – Kristina is a very open person. She expressed herself honestly and fully so I got to learn about her future goals and values early on. But the moment I knew she was special was after viewing a firework show in July 2014 with her.  We had been driving back to my house when I decided to take an unannounced detour. We sat on a blanket in a business parking lot laughing and talking like we had known each other for years. The rain clouds moved in but I assured her that we were safe for a bit more time. After getting rained on and admitting that I was wrong, Kristina and I shared more laughs and stayed up all night. As I stood in the driveway waving and watching her leave late that night, I couldn’t help but feel a strong sense of belonging. I couldn’t wait until the next time that we saw each other.


Tell us about the proposal.

Kris - Guy and I knew we wanted a future together. We had talked about it and moving forward with our relationship. Our plan was to get engaged and fully move in together after Guy graduated from law school. There wasn't a timeline, but it was in the works. We also talked about using my late aunt Josephine's setting, which she left me before her passing. It wasn't until my 18th birthday that my Nonna gifted me the set telling me "how proud Auntie
Jo was of me and that she wanted me to have this when I turned 18." I then gave it to my parents and told them that my future fiancé should ask their permission to marry me and give him the ring to use. On Thursday, June 1, 2017, I had an awful migraine. I met Guy over at his parent's home in Waltham sometime in the afternoon. He had begged me to get ice cream but I was a huge grump and declined - to then go and take a nap. Guy woke me up and said he
had dinner reservations, so I reluctantly got ready to go to dinner. It was a warm evening, so I was surprised when Guy got dressed in a dress shirt with sport coat. He even took the sport coat inside the restaurant, "in case I got cold." That's a frequent occurrence so I didn't think twice. We shared a delicious Italian dinner at Biagio's on Moody Street then Guy insisted "we get Pizzi Farm ice cream, my favorite" Despite being so full, I agreed to get ice cream
then bring it back to his parents' house to play with his nephew Logan. On our way home, Guy pulled into the very same lot where we had watched the thunderstorm back in July 2014. We ate our ice cream on the grass, when he decided to go back to the car to grab napkins. He came back and said "this letter came in the mail for you." Seeing the return address, I recognized it as my Uncle Mark's. My Uncle Mark is the widower of my late godmother and aunt
Josephine, who passed away from breast cancer in 2006. I opened Mark's letter and the heading read "The Proposal" I immediately burst into tears! My Uncle Mark wrote me a letter describing how he picked out the diamond for my aunt, how he told my grandparents about the engagement, and surprising her in Chicago to propose to her. I never knew the story behind their engagement, and I finally got to know what happened that day. After reading the
letter, Guy dropped down to one knee, said some words I don't really remember, and proposed. I was stunned and ecstatic to begin a new chapter of our lives together. Guy also used the diamond from my aunt's engagement ring setting and put it in a brand-new setting of my own. A perfect mixture of past and present, old and new - a piece of her always with me. It was the best day of my life (until our wedding day!)!

Guy – I was not nervous about the proposal because I knew that Kristina was my soulmate. The actual moment could not have been more perfect. I got down on one knee, told her why I thought we were soulmates, promised to care for her for life, and placed a very special ring on her finger.


Tell us the one thing you love most about each other-

Kris - what I love most about Guy is his passion. Whether it's his work, his philanthropy, or basically anything-Guy gives it 110%. Guy looks at every new situation and even obstacles with the drive and perseverance to get through anything and everything. He has a heart of pure gold. Guy's passion about life sparks a fire within me to always do my very best as well.

Guy – Kristina’s love for family and huge heart for children are two of the many reasons why she is an amazing woman. I have always dreamed of a loving, warm house full of children, and Kristina shares that dream with me. She would do absolutely anything for her family or for a child in need. She is extremely caring and empathetic.


If you feel comfortable, share with us something silly or quirky the other person does-

Kris - Guy has this super addiction to Smartfood. His talent is being able to eat a party sized bag in one sitting. It drives me crazy because all I can smell is that stinky cheese smell all over our apartment!
Guy – Let’s just say that grace is not Kristina’s middle name. lol But one of the silliest yet cute things she constantly does is make funny noises when she bumps into something or drops something. It’s a high pitch “oowww” and I die laughing every time I hear it.


Besides getting married, what's the one thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day?

Kris - besides getting married, I'm looking forward to having our closest family and friends around us celebrating our love. It feels amazing to find your life partner, but it's even better with the support of all of those you love as well!
Guy – I’m looking forward to seeing Kristina walking down the aisle at the church with her father. I can’t wait to see her in her dress.