Jen and Matt's South Shore Engagement Session-Boston Photography

I love this session and this couple so much!  And as today is Super Bowl Sunday and their story starts on this day, last year, it seemed appropriate to post this today! 

" It was February 1st, 2015...Super Bowl Sunday! We woke up early and met my mom and a friend of hers for brunch! Starting the day with mimosa's, music and good food! We had plans to meet friends later for the game so I wanted to go home and relax for while. I fell asleep and when I woke up Matt was all dressed and ready to go. But...I was not! Blame it on the mimosa's from I just wanted to stay in and watch the game at home. I could tell Matt was anxious to go! I reluctantly got my self together. Jeans, hoodie & messy bun on the top of my head! Meanwhile, Matt looked perfect!! So handsome! He continued to ask me if was going to change!! Haha! Stubbornly, I was not! So, Matt looking great and me looking like I just woke up, we headed out!
After driving maybe six miles, Matt said the tire light was flashing and we had to pull over! I had just bought the car maybe a month before at most. I didn't understand how anything could be wrong with it! We pulled over. Matt got out, came to my side, opened the door and said the tire was flat! I leaned over to the drivers side to look for the tire light and when I turned back to him to tell him the light was not on...he was on one knee!!!! He asked me to marry him!!! I cried and asked if he was serious over and over again!! He was! And I said yes! There was never anything wrong with the tire. We headed to the bar, announced it to everyone and then anxiously waited for the pats to win so we wouldn't be called jinxes if they didn't! They did! Double celebration! Made sense he wanted me to change!"

I couldn't have retold that story any better than Jen herself!!!  We had such a great time on their session, starting at the watering hole that was one of their first dates, and then headed down to the beach.  I was very shocked to find out, that Matt loves surfing in our cold New England waters!!!!  So, getting some shots by the water and taking advantage of the gorgeous glow of the sunset wasn't bad either!  We loved hanging out with you guys and am obsessed with the diversity of the session, can't wait to see how all of our future photo ideas come later!  :)  Enjoy!