Lori & Mike's Boston Elopement-Boston City Hall Wedding Photography

You never know how people will come into your lives.  You go about your day thinking it will be a mundane kind of day, checking things off of your list and squeezing more than you have time for.   But sometimes, as you go through life you are surprised by people and events and it makes you want to slow down.  Or...more importantly, you realize that you should always be on your best behavior because who knows if you are representing your business!  :)

A few months back I had finally mustered up the courage to go do the latest craze, and get microblading done for my eyebrows.  I guess I should insert here, that this is Melissa talking and not Christian!  Although I had gone to Dr. Joseph A. Russo before, for should we say, "maintenance"...this time I would be seeing Lori, a nurse that actually does all of the microblading.  (Side note....she's amazing, go see her!)  As I was waiting nervously for my upper face to numb up, we exchanged the normal pleasantries.  In telling her what we did, she said, "Oh, I'm getting married in May.  But we aren't having a photographer because we are just going to the courthouse.  Do you think we should have?".  Photographers over here...yes you definitely should. 

Fast forward to her checking out our website, coming in to chat and finally....the day her and Mike had been waiting for.  Lori actually had a gorgeous vintage inspired dress made and looked absolutely gorgeous!  And Mike, looked dapper as ever floating around the City Hall saying hi to all of the people he knew (it was a lot of people), since he used to work there.  They waited for their turn to grab their marriage certificate and then we all crammed into an elevator with close friends and family to get married!!  As I stood back holding lights and equipment for Christian I watched the looks between this amazing people and got all choked up as I normally do.  I love how every ceremony no matter how big, small, long or short can be so moving. 

As the ceremony came to an end, we took a few pictures and the gathering dispersed, leaving us to the unique architecture of City Hall to take some pictures before heading outside.  The fog made for unbelievable light andsuch a great backdrop.  It wasn't the warmest of days though, so we finished up to get everyone inside for a celebratory toast and warmth. 

Finishing the day for us, was the Hotel Commonwealth where we would leave them to enjoy their wedding day.  But before we left we of course had to take advantage of the hotel lobby and the Comm Ave trees and of course the iconic Citgo sign!  We hope you guys have wifi while you enjoy the beach and can enjoy the sneak peak of your day!  Thank you for letting us be a part of your day!