Melinda and Tommy's walk around Castle Island

I had a lot of fun wondering around Castle Island with Melinda and Tommy a few weeks ago, to shoot their engagement photography.  It was a surprisingly foggy day and gave us a very different feel but I think gave a really cool feeling to the images.  Here are a few sneak peeks along with some words from the couple about their story.   More to come...


How did you two meet?

Thomas and I met through a few of our friends. Tommy and I had been in weddings of our mutual friends. Our friend Michael and Michele's wedding is where he always says he first noticed me. Then following that two of our good friends starting dating Marlena and Ryan, and then marriage. Some say it was a ripple effect. All us girls being from the other side of the tunnel making our way towards these "southie boys" one at a time. As for the night Tommy and I officially introduced ourselves we were all at a bar in (southie) south Boston called the ABG (Atlantic beer garden) where he was determined to get my number. My girlfriend Dyan, who I was there with, was encouraging me to talk to him and take his number down, little did I know I would be thanking her months later. We fell in love and couldn't be happier, and for that moment in the bar I am forever greatful he asked and I listened!

Tell us the proposal story~

As for our proposal Tommy did everything perfect. He suprised me on my favorite holiday Christmas Eve, around all of both our families. He called me over to him, like we normally do when opening presents. Except to my suprise he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. One of the happiest days of my life, that I will never forget. A beautiful memory in which I can't wait to make many more!

What details are you most excited about for your wedding?

I am most excited about our winter wedding, we are hoping for a little snow that you can capture some different shots. I've always dreamed of a winter wonderland wedding. Also our dj is amazing and he gets the crowd going. I can not wait to dance the night away with all of my family and friends.