Mivan & Stefania's North End Engagement Session-North End Wedding Photographer

We are pretty routine people, every morning Christian wakes up, turns on the TV and waits for me to stir.  After a few failed attempts at waking me, I will usually begrudgingly roll over only with the promise of a double espresso at Caffe Dello Sport.  We walk down, order one double espresso and either a cappuccino or a macchiato for Christian, sit at our same table, pull out our computers and start our day.  Being so familiar with the caffe, we were introduced to Mavin and his family, who run the amazing establishment.  Only later, once they were engaged, did we meet the beautiful, Stefania!  After returning from an amazing trip and proposal, she was ready to start planning and we were honored to be on the list of vendors to meet with!  But before I get ahead of myself, let me share their proposal story from the couple...

"Mivan and I love to travel do this years trip included Italy and Spain. We did a lot of traveling in Italy. Mivan told me had a date night set up for us when we're in Florence. He surprised me and took me to the high end outlets and Florence and wanted me to buy something nice for our date he kept teasing me about. Except I didn't buy anything and he bought an entire outfit for our date lol. The next day was the worst weather ever and he had planned a surprise roofdeck dinner on a private terrace from the restaurant. When we got to the restaurant they kept apologizing but they couldn't sit us outside since it has rained so bad earlier. Mivan was irate and I assured it was fine because the view we had from our table was gorgeous. We had our dessert n drink outside on the private terrace. When the waitress brought us our drinks he asked her to take a picture of us since the view was gorgeous with the duomo (cathedral) in the background. He asked the waitress to take one more picture and that's when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I began to cry trying to wipe my tears away because I could only see sparkle and I kept repeating how gorgeous the ring was that I forgot to say Yes!".

We started the session close by, loosening the couple up at Christopher Columbus Park, before capturing the must have shots.  They were naturals in front of the camera and so in tune with each other and completely adorable that I'm not even sure they remembered we were there!  After the park, we continued on to the Boston Harbor Hotel where Stefania couldn't wait to throw on some skates and get some shots of the two of them on the ice.  I felt so bad when we got there and there was a private event! :(   We continued on along the water and were able to make some impromptu shots instead before heading back to the neighborhood to finish the session out.  I love the mix of places and shots we were able to capture and can't wait to see the edited final collection!  It was amazing getting the chance to hang out with you both and getting to know you a little better!  We can't wait for your wedding next September!  I hope you enjoy the sneak peek in the mean time!!!