Beautiful Vermont Wedding at the Mountain Top Inn-Vermont Wedding Photography

It's pretty incredible to get to capture weddings and spend the most amazing day a couple can have.  It's even better we you get to be there for your friends.  That was the case yesterday when we were with VJ and Jana up at the Mountain Top Inn, in Vermont.

We met this beautiful couple two years ago at one of our favorite bars in the North End of Boston.  After sitting and chatting at the bar for a while, I asked VJ what he did for a living and to my surprise he was in the car biz!  My former career.  We became fast friends and drinking buddies.  Later we made some pictures for them and it being prior to their engagement, Jana wasn't too happy with me for posting few.  Oops!  Fast forward and VJ stopped in to see me one day at the studio.  He was a little giddy and told me he had decided to ask Jana to marry him.  He then asked with we could be there to capture it.  He was going to bring her to the spot they first met, get down on one knee and propose.  Of course I couldn't wait to do that for him!

So I feel like we've been there a along their journey and it was truly amazing with not only witness my friends' fantastic day, but to be able to make some amazing images for them!  For some of our clients, we edit some of the images from the day and show them after dinner at the reception.  Its one of the hardest things we do during the day.  We never know if people will like it.  It was incredible with this one,  most of the guests were pretty silent until the end and honestly we weren't sure if people were paying attention or liked it at all.  Afterwards it was so touching how both of their families as well as the couple complimented us.  That's the best reward for what we do...

Congratulations and Thank you both!

Christian & Melissa