Katie and Trevor's Reminiscent New York Engagement Session-Destination Wedding Photographer

We love hanging out with all of our couples, getting to know their stories, their personalities and what they enjoy.  This is one of the reasons we love engagement sessions so much, it's so fun to have no pressure for the couple and just get to enjoy being engaged for a few hours while we capture it.  We always suggest making that time important to the couple, finding spots that are meaningful to them instead of just picking an easy location and giving them a time slot.  This way, the images we create speak to the couple as well as making each session  and images unique! 

With Katie and Trevor, they knew exactly the place that would be meaningful to them...New York City!  They used to live there and for us, it was a no-brainer to be able to shoot in a city that they loved and knew so well!  We were able to follow them around through places that for them were so special....a park nearby to where they used to live, a bar they spent a New Year's Eve at, etc.  We had so much fun with them I felt like we weren't working at all!  We were so sad at the end of the day, when they had to make the trek back to Boston, leaving us behind to explore the city further.  Thank you Katie and Trevor for spending such an amazing day with us and being our personal tour guides in the process!  Here are a few from the session, we hope you love them!