North End Boston Wedding with James and Danielle- North End Wedding Photography

We obviously love what we do, being a part of a couple's most special day.  What makes it even more special is when it happens to be one of your best friends and you not only get to see their ceremony, but you also get to be behind the scenes as the whole day unfolds.  It makes our job worth all of the late editing nights, the long working weekends and just having opposite schedules of all of our friends and family.  When you actually have that feeling of....we absolutely have the best jobs on earth and are giving memories to look back on time and time again.  Starting with that first family heirloom, remembering the day it started.  Eventually sitting down on a couch with their own children and loved ones to relive that day when they became their own family, surrounded by all of the people that are most important to them.  You can't beat being a part of that, right?

We first met James, when we had just moved to Boston and had barely even opened our studio.  He was looking for the prior business in the space to frame a "Will you Marry Me?" sign to propose to Danielle.  We of course couldn't help him with that, but said we could be there to document it!  I still remember when he came back in and said, "Let's do it!  Can you be in York, Maine tomorrow?".  A moment of panic rushed over me, being new to the area and having no idea how far York was.  Of course it wasn't far at all and it all worked out capturing their amazing moment. 

Fast forward a few years, and after living in the same neighborhood and getting to know each other, we all became great friends.  We were so honored to not only capture the day, but were so welcomed by their friends and family throughout the process.  Danielle was flawless, wearing the same dress her mother wore, the day her and her father eloped.  She couldn't have picked a more perfect dress!  The details throughout the day, were all so meaningful...from the dress, to Danielle's sister singing at the ceremony, her cousin marrying them and of course a trip to Mike's Pastry, after making a stop at a very special brick, to pay homage to "Mike" himself.  Not to mention another amazing was actually James' birthday!  Danielle even wheeled out a surprise birthday cake and gift during the reception! 

Thank you both for letting us be a part of your day and Congratulations again!  We love you both!