Sabrina & Matt's North End Boston Engagement Photography

As fall starts we get really busy making pictures for wonderful couples like Sabrina and Matt.  I had such a great time walking around our neighborhood and then into the financial district with them, tomake some beautiful pictures.  It's so fun for me to get to know our couples and the engagement session is a fantastic time.  It was great walking and talking, sharing stories and really getting to know Sabrina and Matt.  I can't wait tobe able to do their wedding photography for their big day next year. Here is a little sneak peek from our session.

We always ask our couples for a little info about them, how they met, proposal...  Here's a little bit from them.

Tell us the proposal story~

Matt and I became an 'official" couple on Christmas Eve of 2011. For that last 3 years Christmas time has always been an exciting and happy time for us, because we were also able to celebrate our anniversary! Its been tradition, that every Christmas Eve, we could each pick a present from each other and open it early, for our anniversary. So on Christmas Eve, 2014, it was no surprise when Matt told me to pick a gift out to open. I wondered why Matt wanted us to open gifts so early, since it was only 3 pm and I had just gotten home from lunch with my Dad who was visiting from Texas. As I was looking under the tree to pick out something small, Matt came out with a box wrapped. He said "why don't we just open this one, its something I bought for both of us, it's something for the house" (we had just purchased our first home in April). So, with no suspicion, I started unwrapping. Once I unwrapped it, I held in my hand, a box that said Pandora. Confused as to what could be in a Pandora box for both of us, I kept opening. In the pandora box was a ceramic ornament of a Sleigh. Matt said, "its an ornament for our first tree in our first house". I loved the gift! As I went to hang it on the tree, Matt said, "Wait! Theres like a charm thing in there or something!". Still not suspcicious, since Pandora is known for their charms, I noticed a small velvet bag in the sleigh, as I opened the bag, I pulled out what I thought would be a charm, but it happened to be a diamond ring, and when I looked at Matt, he was down on one knee!!!

Matt had planned our "gift opening" early, because he actually surprised me with both our families coming over right after, for a small engagement party. This was also very special because my dad lives in Texas, and he was able to be apart of it!!

What look were you going for in your engagement session?

Since we will be getting married at the end of the summer, and our venue is in Rhode Island on the beach, we wanted to have a different look for our pictures. Since we are from the South Shore of Boston, and our first date was in Boston, we figured capturing some of our beautiful city would be nice. We really wanted to capture the city-feel, but also incorporate the nice fall foliage.

Do you have any tips or advice for couples getting ready for their session?

TAKE A SHOT BEFOREHAND! Ha! Just kidding!! Our advice would be to just relax, have fun, and be yourselves! We found that at first we were really trying to focus on what we were doing, instead of just being ourselves, and acting casual. After taking a few photos, you will get into your groove, and just be comfortable. I think Matt was satisfied with a few pictures, but I could of kept going all day - it was so fun!

How was your overall session experience?

We loved our session. Aside from it being extremely CHILLY in the city, Christian made our experience awesome. He was so easy to talk to, down to earth and made us feel comfortable! He has a great eye for ideas and photos! We really liked the fact that the day wasn't just all about photos, but getting to know each other! We can't wait for the wedding!!