Radhika and Manish at the Arnold Arboretum

I had the opportunity to take a walk through the Arnold Arboretum with Radhika and Manish for their pre-wedding photo shoot. They wanted a classic look to their images set in a beautiful location.  Here are a few snaek peeks as well as some words from the couple about their story.  

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How did you two meet?

Radhika and Manish met in India and almost instantly bonded over their obsession with fitness and good food. The friendship grew deeper and in true Bollywood movie style (and thank God for right timing), Cupid struck right before Radhika moved to the U.S.

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Tell us the proposal story~

Marriages around the world are simple:
A boy loves a girl. A girl loves a boy. They get married.
In India, there are a few more steps:
A boy loves a girl. A girl loves a boy.
The girl’s family has to love the boy. The boy’s family has to love the girl.
The girl’s family has to love the boy’s family. The boy’s family has to love the girl’s family.
The girl and the boy still love each other. Then they get married.
As soon as Radhika and Manish decided that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, Manish, the old-school gentleman that he is, met Radhika's parents and asked for her hand in marriage. He diligently planned the first meeting to the T, suited up, brought some presents and after a three-hour dinner (and multiple Q&As later), Radhika's parents and her sister unanimously agreed that he was the one.
Next, it was Radhika's turn to meet Manish's family and she won them over with her calm demeanor, caring attitude, and a genuine respect for others. Finally, the families met and Manish got down on his knees to officially ask Radhika to marry him.

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What details are you most excited about for your wedding? EX. cake, vendors, location, etc.

The location (it is a heritage palace in Rajasthan, India) and an opportunity to meet each other's families and friends in person.

Where are you getting married?   Rajasthan, India

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What look were you going for in your engagement session?  We wanted to incorporate a formal, classic and romantic old world feel to the photoshoot.

Do you have any tips or advice for couples getting ready for their session?

If it is possible, definitely, visit the place where you are planning the photo shoot, well in advance to get a sense of what there is and how to make the best use of the space. Also, don't take the photoshoot or yourself too seriously- It helps to crack a joke or two every now and then to lighten the atmosphere. Lastly, don't forget to have fun; it is most likely the last few days before the wedding madness kicks in. So make the most of it.