Sarah & Rob's Boston Aquarium Wedding

We had an amazing time today shooting Sarah and Rob's Boston Aquarium Wedding.  We couldn't have scheduled better weather, the bride and groom looked fantastic and almost everything went as planned.  Almost...  Normally it takes me a day or longer to get our day of event slideshow up on the blog, but tonight, the craziest thing happened. 

We set up our projector, after a few trying moments of getting the technical stuff out of the way.  Had the band play a song to run along and it started to run. While we were all watching one of the band members, trying to help and shut off some lights, happened to unplug our projector.  The show stopped, however the song was still playing.  So we re set and started again.  This time it was amazing.  Some of the guests came and sat on the dance floor, looking up at the tent wall, watching and reacting as the show played for the second time.  Then again and almost on que, one of the band members pulled the plug!  WHAT???  So running out of time we stopped this time and got on with the night.  Which was beautiful. 

Thank you so much to Rob and Sarah for having us share and document your fantastic day.  We love what we do, but mostly because we get to share beautiful times like today!  Here is the slide show we tried to show you.  I hope you enjoy!  So much more to come...


Please watch Sarah and Rob's beautiful day!