Sejal & Darshan's Vinoy Renaissance Wedding St Petersburg Florida-Indian Destination Photographer

This weekend was amazing, not only were we able to work with a great couple, but as an added bonus we were working with an amazing production team that made for a magical wedding weekend!  We love shooting Indian weddings... the colors, the traditions, the parties....add on top of that a destination Indian wedding in Florida and things can't get much better!!!! 

We want to thank Sejal, Darshan and their friends and families for being so welcoming.  We were obviously there to do a job, but couldn't help feeling like guests at an incredible celebration!  We felt so blessed to not only be there to document the big events, but it's the small intimate family only events that are really moving.  I can recall one small event on the groom's side in particular that really had me choked up.  It's times like these as a photographer that you feel really involved in someone's life, to have the chance to document something so special and intimate is truly touching.  We are so passionate about shooting weddings and being able to experience the day with our couples that luckily, we haven't gone numb to the enormity of it all.  As Christian made his way around the property with Sejal and Darshan to take some more shots before the reception, they caught me doing final previews on their slideshow.  I was getting choked up as I watched to make sure everything was a go before producing, and the anxious couple caught me!  The slideshow is normally such a fun and surprising way to relive the events of the day, but when you have three days of events, moments and emotions it makes it even better!!! 

Thank you again to the team that made shooting as a destination wedding photographer so easy, but most of all...thank you again to Sejal and Darshan!  You are an incredible couple and we couldn't be happier for the two of you!  Have fun in Hawaii, and have a fruity drink on the beach for us!!! 

Salon: Michele Renee, Tampa-

Dress: Archana Kapoor, India

Coordintors: Tracie Dominoe-

Entertainment: Impulse Entertainment

Food: Khasiyat

Lodging/Venue: Vinoy Renaissance-

Décor: Occasions by Shangrila-