Spring is here!!!!!.....Or is it?

Hello!!!!  Long time, no talk!  Does anyone else feel like they are waking up from a long slumber?  I know we aren't quite there when weather is concerned but we are eager to shake off that winter glum and get things going!!!  As I sit here on my computer, gazing out the window I can see little glimmers of sun popping through the trees and I know that the trees are ready to blossom as well!  As we dream of warmer days and outdoor activities, we have decided to just will it so! 

So, to get things moving we have decided to roll out "Meet your Photographer Mini Sessions"!  We understand the anxiety, pressure and worry when it comes to choosing your photographer.  Even though we are photographers, we have been in the same place you are.  Worrying if you are making the right decision, is it the right time, will your personalities mesh, do they fit your style?  I'm sure all of these questions have gone through your mind.  What if you could "try out" your photographer before making that big commitment?  Would it ease your mind?  We think so!

We have decided to do just that!  For a limited time, you can schedule your "Meet your Photographer Mini Session"!  What does that mean exactly?  First off, would be a phone conversation, although we would love to meet and shoot everyone, we want to make sure we are a good fit and we are available on your day to begin with!  Once we all feel good about that first chat we can talk about shooting!  Shoots will be in the Downtown Boston area for just 15-20 min.  Remember this isn't an engagement shoot, but I guess you would call it a trial shoot!  You never know, maybe you hate our sense of humor or vice versa!  :)  We can all walk away feeling good, either really excited about your engagement shoot and working together on your wedding or you will have just had a fun little session with your honey and an excuse to get extra PDA!  So you are probably waiting for the important stuff, how much is it...did I forget to mention?  IT'S FREE!!!!!!

Again, just to be clear, this won't be for everyone that calls and is looking for a session.  We would love to shoot everyone but need to make sure we are all a good fit!  Also, by no means is this a requirement to book!  If you already know that we are kick ass photographers and you are already aware of how silly and fun we can be while shooting, you can still book us from the get go, for both wedding and engagement!  Now, let's get shooting!  If we all will this weather to go away and for sunny days to begin I'm sure it will!  Contact us today to book your session before everyone else figures this out!  :)  Here are a few shots from the last "Meet your Photographer" session!

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