St. Mary's Church Holden Wedding- Jennifer and Zoltan- Harrington Farm Wedding Photography

As I sit surrounded by a roaring fire, twinkling Christmas lights and the band softly playing Holiday music in the background, I can't help but reflect on how amazing this day has been.  Christian is across the room, with his stake firmly planted for the best view of toasts and I am in a trance...getting distracted from our day of slideshow to listen to Jennifer and Zoltan's friends and family laugh in response to the most touching speech, by Zoltan's brother, Attila. 

The day has run so smoothly and even though it was insanely windy and cold up here at the beautiful, Harrington Farm, the entire bridal party was ready to go without complaints!  Timing was spot on all day and although many winter weddings we would recommend a first look for timing reasons, we had no trouble at all!  Hair, makeup, bridal party, transportation...everything somehow was perfectly scheduled and even with a shorter day we had plenty of time to create shots throughout the day!

Both Jen and Zoltan had agreed ahead of time that they were both only doing cards to eachother before the wedding.  So when we were ready to leave the bridal suite to start the getting ready shots with the guys, Jen had to slip us a surprise box to give to Zoltan with strict instructions.  "Don't let him see this before reading his card.". 

Zoltan finished reading his letter, and we completed our mission by excitedly grabbing the wrapped package and waiting for him to open it.  She had come up with the most thoughtful gift, a journal she had secretly been writing in for months.  She gave instructions as to what pages to read, which we left him alone to read.  The funny thing was, that he failed to mention he had done something equally thoughtful...

I'll leave his surprise between them, but you can clearly see by her reaction that it was a good one!  I love how real this moment was and feel almost like we didn't deserve to be there to capture it...although of course I'm glad we were!!!

The ceremony was flawless, watching these two declare their love in front of loved ones and God and completing such a beautiful sacrament was chill worthy. 

Then it was on to the incredible Harrington Farm property to capture golden hour and a quick photo sesh!  Can you believe how lucky we were with the light?!?!?  Not to mention model worthy clients! 

I think the cold actually even helped us in this case....Jen and Zoltan were so cold and trying to keep each other warm I don't even think they noticed the camera!  Not that it mattered, they are in post wedding bliss, even now as I glance across the room, I can see them looking into each other's eyes and completely immersed in love and happiness.  In just one main course from now, we will be showing them the below slideshow for them to relive the moments and events of such an important day.  You both look amazing and we are so happy for you!  We can't wait to show you the slideshow!  Congratulations and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your day!!!