Struggling with What to Wear for Engagement Pictures?

We meet with clients all the time and there seems to always be one recurring question....What do I wear for my Engagement Pictures????  Don't worry you aren't alone!!!  Unfortunately, there isn't one canned response we can give to fit all couples!  Of course there are the standard guidelines, you want to have coordinating colors in your engagement picture outfits.  For example, light blue and dark brown look great together, where as red and green might not be the best idea!  For most engagement photographers, they will guide you before your session and you can show up excited and confident and ready to enjoy and celebrate this amazing time in your life! 

On those lines, you don't want to show up in an outfit that you think you are supposed to wear, based on a Pinterest board you saw for engagement photo outfits, that doesn't match your style or personality.  Couples generally show up to our sessions with the disclaimer, I don't love having my picture taken.  Trust me, you are the majority in this, not the minority!   :)  Having a camera there is usually a uncomfortable scenario if you aren't used to it, so the last thing you want to do is show up to the session wearing something that doesn't make you feel confident!  Here are a couple things to consider to make sure you are showing up not only feeling great, but looking great as well! 

We want to make this time fun and exciting for you, so the first thing we suggest is coming into the studio for a consultation.  For most people, this is the first time they are going through this experience and they are nervous and unsure of expectations.  This is one of the reasons we include an engagement photo shoot with all of our wedding packages.  We want you to feel at ease and comfortable with us not only during your engagement shoot, but also the day of your wedding.  During a consultation you can ask all the questions you have been sitting at home Googling for answers!  What to wear....where to shoot....how long does it take....how many images will we see....what if I don't like taking pictures.....   These are all of the questions we can help answer and brainstorm with you to make sure your engagement photos are unique and personal to you as a couple!  You can be as creative and unique as you want, we thrive on the challenge of capturing unique images and making them art for you! 

Here's an example of a couple that wanted something a little different.  Tiffany had all of the same concerns, what should I wear, I want something different...  She saw a wedding image in our studio window that had a vintage look and it drew her in.  After we sat down with her and her fiancee, Matt, we were able to take her like of that image, matched with the fact that they were having a Gatsby themed wedding and bring it all to life!  They now have images from their engagement shoot that are different and beautiful and it was a fun shoot on top of that! 

We are open to all new and exciting ideas.  We love meeting new couples and hearing their story and ideas for their big day.  During our consultations we can take those stories and ideas, with the personalities of each couple to come up with ideas that are tailored for each engagement session.  We would love to hear your story as well!  :)



Published on The Wedding Atlas!!!

We are so excited to share that the images from  James Caterino and Danielle R. Papa's proposal was published by The Wedding Atlas!  We are honored and flattered that they recognized us for our work!  We couldn't ask for a better setting and couple to shoot!  Check out the link below!


Yael and Tony engagement shoot

Congratulations Yael and Tony!  I am so excited to share your wedding day.  You two are absolutely adorable together.  

We had a great time walking through the Arboretum discovering the wonderful places to make pictures.  Here are just a couple so far from the engagement shoot.  I can't wait for you to come to the studio to see the rest!

Proposal at the Nubble Lighthouse!

This was one of the best opportunities I've had working with couples!  I met James the other day when he came into my studio looking for a picture frame. He had been working on a fantastic plan to propose to his longtime girlfriend Danielle.  James wanted to frame a sign that said "Will you marry me" while he would be standing out of sight, in front of the Nubble Lighthouse.  Amazing...

Unfortunately I don't sell frames but I offered to be there to document the "Question" .  A few days later James was back and we set it in motion.  I have to say this is what I love the most about my job.  I get to not only witness, but share in some of the most important moments anyone can have.  This day was no different. 

I am truly blessed to be able to do what I do.  Thank you so much James and Danielle for allowing me to share this moment and most of all CONGRATULATIONS!!!  

Here is the first shot.  More to come... 



Stephanie & Brent couple shoot

So after working through more than 600 frames I was able to narrow down to a mere 100 or so, wow!  I had such a fantastic time shooting Stephanie and Brent over the weekend, we just kept going and going.  These guys were a blast.  With the rain and crazy humidity, everyone kept really great spirits. 

Even though this was a couple shoot and not engagement it's pretty clear to see that these two are crazy about each other!  

Providence, RI was absolutely beautiful as well.  It was my first time there and I have to say it's a great city to make pictures.  The State Building is incredible.  We were able to get a few nice shots there in addition to walking all around the waterways downtown.  I cant wait to go back!

Thanks again Stephanie & Brent.  Here are a few of my favorites!