Engagement Photography

Engagement photography walk in Back Bay with Mandy and Jag

It was an early morning for all of us the day I shot with Mandy and Jag.  We started soon after the sun came up in Boston for their engagement photography.  I love the way the city looks, feels, sounds and dare I say, even smells early in the morning.  So I had no problem meeting Mandy and Jag after they flew in from Vancouver, BC.  Mandy, having lived here for college wanted her engagement photography session in her adopted city of Boston, where Jag had also proposed.  I had a blast shooting with these guys and I think we made some fun images.  Here are a few sneak peeks and a little bit of their story, in their own words.

How did you two meet?
Jag and I met in high school! Jag and I met in Grade 10 and became good friends. Although we didn't officially date in high school there was definitely a connection and Jag asked me to go to prom with him. We remained great friends and decided to make it official during our first year of University. It's been 10 years of dating!

Tell us the proposal story~

Jag and I were discussing how it was time to get in shape and start going to the gym. About two weeks before my dental school graduation, Jag had convinced me he was making progress towards the goal of getting in shape and going for walks every day before work back in Vancouver. When he came to Boston for my dental school graduation he suggested we keep up the trend and make sure we continued with his morning walks. I was thoroughly impressed and up for it but not entirely convinced he would follow through (especially since it was vacation for him). Jag flew in for my graduation on May 10th. Come the morning of May 11th, Jag woke up at the crack of dawn and was ready for his walk. This was not the 'norm' for Jag and after many attempts to get him to sleep I mustered the energy for this walk, since I had previously agreed. I put on my sweat pants and two sweaters and ditched any makeup because it was just so early. We walked through the Public Garden and down Commonwealth in the quiet and quaint city. We finally reached the Charles River and decided to rest and enjoy the river on a park bench. Still completely oblivious I finally realized it was happening when Jag started to reminisce about my first year in Boston when we were on the River and how he knew back then he wanted to marry me. There on the Charles River (all before 9:00 am) he proposed!

What details are you most excited about for your wedding? EX. cake, vendors, location, etc.

Location. We chose to do an outdoor reception on a Cherry farm. Since my family farms (raspberries and blueberries), farming is a big part of my life and childhood. I love the outdoors and therefore wanted to choose a location that reflected that.

Where are you getting married?

Sikh Temple in Kelowna, British Columbia

Where is the reception?

Hillcrest Farm Market in Kelowna, British Columbia

What look were you going for in your engagement session?

Since Boston played a big part of our lives and the proposal happened on the Charles I really wanted to showcase Boston in our pictures somehow. I really like the city shots and showcasing the background in the photos.

Do you have any tips or advice for couples getting ready for their session?

Get rest, don't carry too much with you (poor Christian had to hold my purse!), and have fun!

Thank you Veronica and Ned for braving the rain for their engagement shoot in Boston!

This was such a great shoot even with the rain!!!!!  It's sad when 50 degrees and raining becomes warm weather....welcome to New England!  :)  Well the rain definitely didn't bother these two too much...starting out behind the Moakley Courthouse on to the ICA and finishing on the bridge we got some amazing shots!  Thank you Veronica and Ned for spending the day with us and allowing us to document how adorable you two are!!!!  Here is a sneak peek from their shoot!

Gatsby Inspired engagement shoot at Carrie Nation in Boston with Tiffany and Matt

We had an incredible time at Carrie Nation with Tiffany and Matt for their Gatsby inspired engagement shoot.  They look fantastic!  I can't wait for the wedding.  Here is a slideshow of my favorite images.  how you enjoy!

Gatsby themed engagement shoot at Carrie Nation in Boston

This was one of the most interesting engagement shoots we've done so far.  I want to first thank the staff at Carrie Nation in Boston.  They were unbelievable to work with and incredibly generous to allow us to bring Tiffany and Matt in for their shoot.  I love the look and the atmosphere of the bar and restaurant at Carrie Nation, but most of all the Speakeasy is fantastic! If you haven't been, go! 

So now to the couple!  Tiffany has a fantastic vision for her wedding, "The Great Gatsby" and the Twenties in general. When we met with her and Matt we talked extensively about doing something more creative and themed for their engagement session.  We set out to find the location and started planning.  Tiffany and Matt shopped to get into character and did a great job.   After the shoot I couldn't wait to take a look and make sure we got the look and met Tiffany's expectations.  I think we got it!

These are a couple of sneak peeks for the Great Couple to enjoy!  More to come.

Thank you guys.  We had so much fun and I can't wait for you to see the rest...



Another Sneak Peek with Jennifer and Stephen

I love going to new places with the couples I get to shoot.  This was fantastic.  For some crazy reason, living in the North End, I see the harbor everyday but.... I still forget there are amazing beaches so close.  Stephen and Jennifer brought us to Rocky Beach in Cohasset and then to Worlds End.  We got some amazing images and almost got kicked out of Worlds End!  Why would they close at 5:30??? 

Anyway I'm getting off track as usual.  I feel so blessed to be able to enjoy what I do so much, as well as having so many amazing people come into my life.  I feel like I'm not working with clients but Friends!  This day was exactly that, so here are a few sneak peeks.  I hope you enjoy...  More to come



Yael and Tony engagement shoot

Congratulations Yael and Tony!  I am so excited to share your wedding day.  You two are absolutely adorable together.  

We had a great time walking through the Arboretum discovering the wonderful places to make pictures.  Here are just a couple so far from the engagement shoot.  I can't wait for you to come to the studio to see the rest!

Chealyn & John

When Chealyn had originally contacted us, she mentioned that her and her husband would like some pictures together with their boat.  John, her husband loves getting up early, when all of us are still tucked cozily in bed, to make the hour drive from Cambridge, where they live, to where his boat is waiting for him.  It's his way to relax and get away from all the day to day stresses, in hopes of catching the tuna that has seemed to escape him so far this year. 

We were of course ecstatic to be able to work in such a beautiful environment and try to capture the obvious love this couple has for each other and the boat that they enjoy going out on together.  Soon they will be off for their new venture, leaving the state of Massachusetts, where they have called home since college, and starting out new back in New York, where they both were from.  We wish you all the luck and hope these images were able to capture your lives and love here in Boston, so that you can look back and remember all the wonderful times you had here!

Stephanie & Brent couple shoot

So after working through more than 600 frames I was able to narrow down to a mere 100 or so, wow!  I had such a fantastic time shooting Stephanie and Brent over the weekend, we just kept going and going.  These guys were a blast.  With the rain and crazy humidity, everyone kept really great spirits. 

Even though this was a couple shoot and not engagement it's pretty clear to see that these two are crazy about each other!  

Providence, RI was absolutely beautiful as well.  It was my first time there and I have to say it's a great city to make pictures.  The State Building is incredible.  We were able to get a few nice shots there in addition to walking all around the waterways downtown.  I cant wait to go back!

Thanks again Stephanie & Brent.  Here are a few of my favorites!