North End Boston

A Morning with Max.

We had the privilege to spend a morning with Max this week.  What an adorable little boy.  He was so happy even though his teeth seemed to be fighting him!  We just made some pictures in and around their building in the North End but I think we got a lot of Max's personality.  Can't wait to share the rest.   

Christian Pleva Images Studio is open!

After a lot of work and paint the studio in the North End of Boston is now open.  Just a couple little touch ups and items to install.  The space is fantastic.  I'm truly blessed to have this space to both work in and meet with my clients.  So here are just a few shots. Once the sign is up I'll post the street view.  Right now the outside is a little plain.  Thanks for the look! 



Procession – St. Rocco at St. Leonard Church, Hanover & Prince Streets

Having just moved to the North End of Boston earlier this year I've had very little experience with the Processions and Feasts.  During the summer the streets of the North End come alive with several processions to honor many patron saints.  It's incredible to witness  and be a part of.  As the summer progresses we are blessed with a few actual feasts that bring the streets and alleys to a fever pitch with food, music and thousands of people! The largest being St Anthony's rite at the end of the summer.

This weekend was the Procession  of St. Rocco at St. Leonard's Church on Hanover & Prince Streets.   

Heres a little about St Rocco

Saint Rocco was born into a French family of aristocracy. He then  turned away from his worldly inheritance and status.  He gave all of his possessions to the poor and the sick. Saint Rocco willingly lead  a life of poverty, charity and service to others. He traveled through plague stricken Europe caring for the sick and ultimately, through the grace of God, miraculously curing those he encountered. Saint Rocco, born into power and influence, escaped death from starvation and plague by eating food brought to him by a dog.

San Nicola Baronia, a small town in Italy, adopted this Holy Man as their patron saint. Immigrants from this town established a Society dedicated to his works in Boston, Mass. in 1921.

St Rocco was also featured in The Godfather II in the New York City Procession. 

Here are a few shots form the weekend!  Enjoy




The North End of Boston

I recently had the fantastic opportunity to move to Boston.  More importantly the North End.  For those of you that aren't familiar the North End is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Boston.  Extremely historic and home to places like the Old North Church, Paul Revers's house and Coop's Hill burial ground.  All places on the Freedom Trail. Some of which date back to pre revolutionary war times.  With Names we've all heard and studied. 

Beyond all that, The North End was settled by the earliest Italian immigrants to Boston.  So when the tourists walk down Hanover St today, which splits the entire neighborhood, they hear the sounds and smell the sents of Italy.  It's like you've be transported to some small Italian village outside Rome.  Amazingly, you can walk around and see men drinking espresso and smoking a cigar, knowing it's what they've  done for years.  

For a photographer The North End is a menagerie of unbelievable characters, sites and images just waiting to be captured! Here are just a few to start.  I can't wait to document whats out there.