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Fun family picture ideas!

We have to give the Forcier family credit...they were amazing during our Boston family photo shoot during the snow storm!!!  We thought that the snow might make unique family picture ideas,  and they were totally game for bearing the cold and snow to make it happen!!!!  Here are a couple of fun family shots that we love!  Hope you guys enjoy!!!

Kunal, Michi and...

It was such a privilege to shoot Kunal and Michi and their upcoming gift.  We started in Bay Village on the streets of their neighborhood.  Michi was fantastic braving the cold to make some nice pictures.  Then we worked our way to the Boston Public Library to get some beautiful images as well.  I hope they enjoy this little peek into our session.  Can't wait to share the rest!  



Gatsby themed engagement shoot at Carrie Nation in Boston

This was one of the most interesting engagement shoots we've done so far.  I want to first thank the staff at Carrie Nation in Boston.  They were unbelievable to work with and incredibly generous to allow us to bring Tiffany and Matt in for their shoot.  I love the look and the atmosphere of the bar and restaurant at Carrie Nation, but most of all the Speakeasy is fantastic! If you haven't been, go! 

So now to the couple!  Tiffany has a fantastic vision for her wedding, "The Great Gatsby" and the Twenties in general. When we met with her and Matt we talked extensively about doing something more creative and themed for their engagement session.  We set out to find the location and started planning.  Tiffany and Matt shopped to get into character and did a great job.   After the shoot I couldn't wait to take a look and make sure we got the look and met Tiffany's expectations.  I think we got it!

These are a couple of sneak peeks for the Great Couple to enjoy!  More to come.

Thank you guys.  We had so much fun and I can't wait for you to see the rest...



Another Sneak Peek with Jennifer and Stephen

I love going to new places with the couples I get to shoot.  This was fantastic.  For some crazy reason, living in the North End, I see the harbor everyday but.... I still forget there are amazing beaches so close.  Stephen and Jennifer brought us to Rocky Beach in Cohasset and then to Worlds End.  We got some amazing images and almost got kicked out of Worlds End!  Why would they close at 5:30??? 

Anyway I'm getting off track as usual.  I feel so blessed to be able to enjoy what I do so much, as well as having so many amazing people come into my life.  I feel like I'm not working with clients but Friends!  This day was exactly that, so here are a few sneak peeks.  I hope you enjoy...  More to come



Christian Pleva Images Studio is open!

After a lot of work and paint the studio in the North End of Boston is now open.  Just a couple little touch ups and items to install.  The space is fantastic.  I'm truly blessed to have this space to both work in and meet with my clients.  So here are just a few shots. Once the sign is up I'll post the street view.  Right now the outside is a little plain.  Thanks for the look! 



Amy & Tim

This was an incredible day of shooting with Amy and Tim.  We were able to work in three different locations including this fantastic church in the heart of Washington DC.  I want to thank Sal, Taylor and Alissa for all of the education and help! Hope you like the shots.