Willowdale Fall Wedding with Marina & Joe

I LOVE fall and was especially excited for Marina and Joe's wedding at the Willowdale Estate, in Topsfield after seeing the weather report!  Our first fall wedding of the season!!!!  Not only would we be shooting in much more comfortable temperatures, but we knew the day was going to be a blast!  Marina and Joe are such a fun couple, and after their engagement session in the North End, countless timeline and detail conversation and meeting, we had gotten to know how amazing these two were!  But enough about our opinion of them, here's their story in their words!!!  Congrats guys, we were honored to be a part of your night tonight!  Make sure you scroll down to see their day of slideshow!

Tell us how you first met-  Joe was a friend of my sisters when she was younger and we reconnected through Facebook very randomly.  We became good friends but it wasn't until about 6 months passed that we started hanging out and realized it might be something more.  Timing could not have been worse because I was getting ready to leave for a study abroad trip that would last 5 months. 

When did you know he/she was the one?-
Joe- While she was in Australia for 5 months.  She liked to eat and wasn't shy about it.  I knew she would be a good cook!

Marina- While I was in Australia.  He made me laugh and he laughed at me.  He made me feel so loved.  I didn't think it would last while I was away but after a few months I realized we were both sticking around and in it for the long haul.

Tell us about the proposal-

Joe- I had been planning the proposal for 6 months with our friend Dana (our officiant).  I proposed at Rockefeller Center in NYC which is where our relationship began 4 years prior.  I coordinated with Dana to have her take pictures of the proposal.  I knew I always wanted to propose to her there.  I was excited and a little nervous. 

Marina- I had been waiting for the proposal for about 6 months and this was my last possible guess of where he could propose unless he did it in the delivery room.  I came prepared with my nails done like I had the previous times I thought he might propose.  We walked down to Rockefeller Center and it was an exceptionally busy night.  I thought we would walk right up to the tree before he proposed but I think he got a bit nervous and just went for it!  I loved it and it was so special!

Tell us the one thing you love most about eachother-

Joe- Her smile

Marina-His humor

Share with us something silly or quirky about the other person-    

Joe-"Lobster claws" She likes to pinch my feet with her toes.

Marina-  I can't for the life of me think of something specific but he is just a silly/quirky person in general...everything he does.                               

Besides getting married, what's the one thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day?-

Joe- family and friends

Marina- watching our son walk down the aisle

Ok one last thing before you scroll down to the main attraction....a shout out to all of the amazing people we worked with today to make the day amazing for this incredible couple!!!

Video- Together Forever Films                                                                                                               

Florist- Lotus Flowers

Ceremony/Reception Location- Willowdale Estates

Wedding Planner- Jalene Buckner- Top Notch Events

Band- SPLASH- Wilson Stevens

Dress Salon- Vows

Espresso Bar- Black Tie Espresso