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If you are here, chances are you have thought about the art of boudoir and what if can mean to you.  I was once in your shoes until I made the leap and tried it out!!!  Here's my story, maybe it can inspire, educate or just amuse you, however you feel when you are finished reading it will bring you one step closer to finding out if it is for you!

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Nice to Meet You....

Hi I'm Melissa! I'm a wife, mother, business partner, photographer, friend, daughter, etc.... the roles and duties go on. In the madness of day to day life I noticed the once wild, free spirited, sexy version of my myself in my youth was slowly showing up less and less. Why is it that we are so tied down by our responsibilities and the pressure of daily life?

I found myself no longer caring about wearing makeup and trading in my once flirty, cute outfits for comfort and flats. Not to say that comfort is a bad thing, but as I sat back and analyzed I noticed those cute outfits, makeup and dress up were things that also made me FEEL GOOD!


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Oh wait, that's right, in the craziness of life and fulfilling all of those other relationships I had forgotten about what makes me feel good. I missed feeling sexy and flirtatious and those date nights with my now husband, where I had walked in and he said, "Wow!". I remember the high I would feel as I got ready for those dates, doing my hair, maybe buying a new lipstick to try and slipping on some new purchase that felt slinky and sexy. As I continued reflecting, I realized I wasn't the only one in my circle that felt this and I recognized a need to push to feel like that fun, empowered and sexy woman of my past! There was no reason for me to let that part of me die because I had responsibilities but instead I wanted to embrace it! After all, you can only be better as a friend, lover, partner, mother, etc when you feel good about yourself and are happy, right?!

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That is why I feel so passionate about the art of boudoir, and not just some crammed session where you show up, nervous and unsure and are out in 30 min, but I mean a complete experience. Why not treat yourself to a day of beauty, laughing, dress up and feeling great about yourself and letting that suppressed sexy temptress come out again! I want to help every woman feel that same confidence that I found, once I let go and felt free with where I was in life and with my body! We all have goals and say, "Once I lose 5 more pounds I'll be ready," but there is such freedom in letting go and feeling sexy and confident where you are! Let's celebrate the women we are and reward ourselves with a day of beauty!

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For more info on the Full Boudoir Experience or to schedule your session, fill out the info below and let's chat! 

*Btw, of course this is an intimate session, images are never shared without your permission!

~Melissa Pleva

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