Do you take formal portraits at weddings?
Of course. Formal portraits are important. Depending on family size, I’ve spent anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes on formal portraits.  To insure we have the time for everything you want we will spend the time before your big day to plan our timeline.  Of course it will take some homework on your part as well!  All family dynamics are different, so making a list of family portraits a head of time makes it easier for everyone on the day! 
What are your fees?
My wedding coverage starts at $3900 for Essential Coverage . Or, getting married off-season, midweek, just the two of you at the courthouse? Eloping? Let's talk.
When should I expect to see my images?
For portrait shoots we try to do a sneak peek on our website and social media.  This is usually within a week.  Complete collection and in person preview session are ready to schedule within two weeks on average.
For weddings, our turn around time is 4 to 6 weeks.  On the latter, if during peak wedding season.  If we have done a same day edit slideshow at your wedding, we will usually post that to our website and social media within a few days of your big day!
What equipment do you use?
I bring multiple professional Nikon and FUJI digital dSLRs and a variety of prime and zoom lenses with me to each wedding. If something goes wrong, I have back ups for all my essential gear.
What's your shooting style during the day?
We have been described as wedding ninjas!!!   Our goal is to document your day as unobtrusively as possible while honoring the purpose of the day.  I want to try to stay out of the way- you know I’m there, but after awhile you don’t pay any attention. There will be times however you’ll need me to direct things for the images you will want.  I’m also a big believer in quality over quantity. I’m not there to capture everything. I’m there to capture most things, in a thoughtful way that will elicit memories and convey feeling later on.
I don't need prints, can I just buy the digital negatives?
We are a full service photography studio with the intent of our couples and families displaying our work as a piece of art in their homes or to hand down an album in a family heirloom.  Too many times have we heard of clients getting a disk of images and it laying in a drawer somewhere, only to be forgotten.  We feel that having products to display, even if a simple set of prints, is a stronger return on your investment.  Because of our strong belief in this, we do not "shoot and burn".  Although, we do understand budgetary concerns in wedding planning as well as differences in needs of some of our clients.  We do offer a digital only option for both wedding and engagement collections should that be the case for you!  Also, do keep in mind that any image you buy a print of, will also be provided to you in a digital form, as well as some of our packages which include digital images. 
What is the difference between a Retouched Image and a Signature Edit?
A retouched image is white balanced and color corrected with minor blemish removal and a tone applied.  A signature edit is one of the images I am known for.  These edits take hours for one image at times because I am taking artistic liberty to make a dramatic statement piece for art in your home.  The images you see on my website and in studio are examples of these edits. 
Do you work with another photographer?
In most cases, yes.  I will bring either an assistant or Melissa my partner and wife, with to second shoot.
What do you look for when you are taking pictures?
Emotions, gesture, interaction, light, color and surprises that will make an amazing album to document your day.  In addition we will set up the creatives and look to make some incredible art of your beautiful day.  I imagine you’ll treasure both the real moments that were captured without pretense, predictability, or interference,  as well as the pure art we can create setting up for certain shots.
Do you use a flash?
Sparingly.  I almost never use a flash before the dancing starts.  I think natural light is often what makes a particular environment unique.  I'd hate to eliminate that with a flash just to make a "proper" exposure.  I love the look of a darker, dramatic, or sometimes even motion-blurred photo before putting a flash on.  However, sometimes we need artificial light to catch the faces of all of your family during formals, or a specific look for a creative shot and of course the acrobatic dance moves of your guests!  That's much more important than preserving natural light.
 Do you work with same sex couples? 
Of course!  I look at it like my job is to make the most beautiful pictures I can, of a couples most significant day together.
There’s thousands of photographers out there. Why should we hire you for our wedding?
Each photographer is unique. Each couple is unique. After narrowing it down to a handful of people whose pictures you like, the last criteria is who do you want around you and your family on one of the most significant, overwhelming, and beautiful days of your life?  That person may not be me. But if you think I might, let’s find out. I’d love to learn about you and your wedding.